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Efficient Work Group (EWG), is a small business with big targets, apparently just like a simple job board but actually being more then that. Behind the scenes there is a dynamic team with experience in recruitment over 14 years in Europe and 4 years in UK, our website representing an alternative for the current labour market.

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Efficient Work Group has as objective a building relationships based on trust and transparency in our business, helping us to spread our message that great companies are made by great people.

There are successful companies and devoted employees that haven’t met yet, therefore our purpose is to offer the best opportunities to our applicants and the best solutions for our hirers.

  • Efficient Work Group Ltd – EWG is an online job site and an integrated solution for consulting, employment, and management of work force.
  • Efficient Work Group – EWG – is an online job site with noumeros individual job seekers and is much more than a company which offers online job services, we offer as well recruitment services in a diversity of domains.
  • is the perfect option for those candidates who are looking for the ideal company and who wants to achieve their professional objectives as well as for those companies which deserved the best for their employees and want to develop their business.
  • Statistics confirm co.ukis one recruitment website, with lot of individual jobseekers visiting our website per month.
  • 85 % Client Renewal rates- our site works!
  • Companies across many different sectors have been using since our introduction in 2017.
  • EWG services includes: Exclusive Access, Social Media Promotions and „Immediate Start” We provide additional support as communication, interviewing and support to find the accommodation to our candidates prior to their arrival and organization of events for job seekers
  • Online efficient recruitment
  • Cost and time saving
  • No additional fee when recruiting
  • Profile and CV search engine per category and keywords
  • All CVs are in a standard format
  • Direct interaction between recruiters and job seekers
  • support and transparent professionalism.

Finding the right resources is becoming harder and harder. MYEWG.CO.UK has been designed to facilitate your recruitment activities. You will be able to access a large database and contact the candidates with the right profile.

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